Aquatics Volunteer Opportunites

Access Code:  swim

Below are volunteer opportunities available for our Aquatics sports events.  Each sport requirements vary slightly.  

  • Competition Administration Team
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  • Scoreboard Operator

  • Officials Support Team

  • Sports Equipment and Staging Team  - Search Equipment

  • Ensure that the correct athletes for each division are in correct staging area for both warm-ups and competition.

  • Prior to the designated event, check-in all athletes and escort to the preliminary staging area.

  • Ensure that the correct athletes are in the staging area for warm-up prior to competition. 

  • Provide athletes with water while athletes wait in the staging areas.

  • Assist athletes with the movement of equipment as athlete enter and exit the field of play or warm-up areas.

  • Competition Announcer
    Click Here to provide additional information about your qualifications to apply.  
    Do you have the voice?   We are looking for experienced announcers who can multi task reading scripts, watch the competition and keep everyone informed about the day.  Please send an email to our volunteer team to interview for this position

  • Music Technician

  • Athlete Services Team Search Athlete Services

  • Maintain supplies for locker rooms athlete lounges and adjacent areas

  • Ensure that locker rooms and lounges are prepared for athletes

  • Ensure that locker rooms and lounges are prepared and maintained prior, during and after competition each day

  • Ensure that locker rooms are secured and/or staffed when athletes are present

  • Assist athletes with any general needs

  • Aquatics Awards Team

  • Aquatics Awards Announcer

  • Aquatics Awards Music Technician

  • Guest Services Team

  • Logistics Team

  • Medical Team

  • Athlete Trainers

  • IT Support Team