We are surrounded by unsung heroes who are creating communities where people with intellectual disabilities are meaningfully and fully welcomed, one act of inclusion at a time. Now, it’s time to recognize them.

Whether it’s inviting a classmate with an intellectual disability to hang out at the mall, or implementing inclusive hiring practices at a place of business, any act of inclusion – no matter how big or small – can change the game for people with intellectual disabilities.

Do you know a person or a company that exemplifies what it means to be inclusive? Are you a game changer? The 2018 Special Olympics USA Games wants to hear from you. Submit your nominations for game changers in your community and help us honor those who are breaking down barriers and making a difference.

To read about the 2018 USA Games Game Changers, click here.

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25-meter butterfly--Lindsay Whitelock
Matthew Gang sinks a long putt
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