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Sport is powerful. It emphasizes ability over disability, team over the individual, and inclusion over isolation.

In the words of Devon Adelman, Special Olympics athlete and USA Games Ambassador:

"Sport can create a space to belong and a place to shine... Teamwork allows our talents to shine brighter because we have a common goal."

In a world that too often uses our differences to drive us apart, Special Olympics uses sport to bring together people of all backgrounds and all abilities.
Diversity is prioritized, differences are celebrated.

The 2018 USA Games will showcase the Special Olympics movement.

They will use sport and competition to highlight the principles of community and inclusion on a national stage.

This Giving Tuesday, help the Special Olympics USA Games unite athletes, teams, cities, and a nation.

If you value acceptance, give.
If you value belonging, give.
If you value unity, camaraderie, and community - give.


Thank you for celebrating this global day of generosity with us.

The USA Games could not happen without you!