Kennedy McGahan

Kennedy McGahan is a recent graduate from Gonzaga University. With a degree in broadcast and electronic media studies, she excels in production, communication, and organization.

Working for a PR firm in Manhattan, NY, Kennedy corresponded directly with clients and planned events with the team. As a student representative at Telefund, she captured the complete interest of strangers in conversations over the phone and procured money on behalf of her university. One of her most recent internships was at River Road Entertainment in Los Angeles, CA—a film production company where she developed her strength with the organizational structure of storytelling and her knowledge of the effort that is exerted into making meaningful productions on a budget.

Kennedy took advantage of the study abroad opportunities her university offered by living in Paris, France and Washington, DC. This allowed for incredible cultural experiences and growth. While in DC, Kennedy interned for Special Olympics International and was so excited to hear the USA Games were to be held in her home base: Seattle, WA.

Outside of the office, Kennedy enjoys yoga, traveling, and cooking.