The values that underpin the 2018 USA Games Sustainability Strategy are respect, inclusion, stewardship and collaboration. These values guide our business decisions and help give shape to our vision for the 2018 USA Games in Seattle. 

  • Respect - For all individuals and the planet we share. 
  • Inclusion - Everyone has a role to play.
  • Stewardship - Minimizing the environmental footprint of our event.
  • Collaboration - Engaging our partners and suppliers to improve sustainability performance.
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Sustainability Group

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Maximize Social Impact. Minimize Environmental Impact


Waste & Recycling

maximize waste diversion and minimize waste-to-landfill generated from sporting and special events


Food & Beverage

maximize the proportion of local, sustainable, fair-trade certified, and healthy food and beverages offered at the event to both athletes, volunteers and visitors


Accessibility & Inclusion

ensure that every event is accessible to and inclusive of all people, regardless of intellectual or physical ability



maximize active transportation and transit use to and from sporting and special events and achieve carbon neutrality


Education & Legacy

we will establish a new standard for event sustainability within the Special Olympics community, and inspire stakeholders and spectators to integrate sustainability into their actions at the 2018 USA Games and beyond. We also aim to leave a legacy for a higher standard of human inclusion and acceptance in our greater community.


For the full 2018 USA Games sustainability strategy, click here.

For the 2018 USA Games responsible sourcing guidelines, click here.

See how our corporate and community partners bring sustainability to life and align with the values of the 2018 USA Games by clicking the logos below.


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