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Winter '17 Announcement: Press Kit

February 28, 2017 press conference to announce the 2018 USA Games Official Health Partner, additional new partners, and new celebrity Ambassadors.


Winter '17 Announcement: Press Release

Press release for the 2018 USA Games first press conference of 2017.


Fall '16 Announcement: Press Release

The 2018 USA games announced partnerships with local professional sports teams and the support of USA Games Ambassadors.

Fall '16 Announcement: Press Kit

Press kit from the Fall '16 Announcement in October 2016.

Kickoff Announcement: Press Kit

Press kit from the Kickoff Announcement in May 2016, announcing the selection of Seattle as the host of the 2018 USA Games.



2018 USA Games Overview

Quick facts and overview of the 2018 USA Games.

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