Corporate Volunteer Toolkit

Thank you for supporting the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games! We are thrilled to offer your employees the opportunity to join the excitement as volunteers representing your company at the USA Games.  Here are some ideas for promoting the volunteer opportunities, rallying your employees, and getting them involved with the Special Olympics movement .

1.    Put Our Group Volunteer Toolkit to Use - The toolkit (link to toolkit here) contains collateral to help you promote employee involvement at the USA Games. The materials are available in hard copy or electronically and include posters and instructional videos. You can download and print flyer-sized posters  or we can provide you with full-color, 11x17” posters. Post them in various locations around your corporate campus including break-rooms, lunch rooms, office doors, etc.  Or distribute the flyer electronically through in-house communication platforms.

2.    Host an Information Session - Organize an employee rally or even a brown bag lunch where Special Olympics USA Games representatives can give first-hand information about the USA Games, volunteer opportunities and the Special Olympics movement.

3.    Spark Some Competition - Challenge teams, departments or office floors to register the most volunteers.

4.    Recruit Champions - Seek out those inside your company who are already engaged with Special Olympics and ask them to help you with recruiting efforts. If you have an executive who will be participating, be sure to ask them to help promote the opportunities. Ask your champions to wear USA Games “Volunteer Now, Ask Me How” shirts (they’re free!) around the office to get the conversation started. Order t-shirts below.

5.    Make it a Family Affair - Encourage employees to invite and  volunteer with their families.

6.    Turn Volunteering into a Team Building Exercise - Enable department or team leads to use the day of volunteering as a way to help strengthen and build camaraderie within their teams. Have them report back and share their experience.

7.    Promote Employee Giving Benefits - If your company offers volunteer time matching, paid time-off to volunteer or other employee giving benefits, remind employees of these programs and how to submit them for processing. Reiterate your company’s employee engagement goals and philanthropic priorities and how the USA Games fits into those 2018 targets.

8.    Create Social Media Buzz - Use social media to start the conversation about your company’s social impact and promote USA Games volunteer opportunities. Create a specific hashtag for your company’s presence at the USA Games and encourage your employees to use it in their social posts as they share their meaningful USA Games experiences. Consider allowing your employees to live-post from their volunteer positions during the Games.

9.    Capture the Moments - Send an official photographer along as part of your volunteer team to capture photos and/or video content of your company’s involvement at the Games.  Create a virtual experience for employees who can’t attend. Or use the images, along with a summary of the total number of volunteer hours your employees contributed to the USA Games, to report on your company’s social impact. We will provide these numbers to you immediately following the USA Games.

10. Don’t Forget to Celebrate - Recognize your champions superstar volunteers after the Games.

11. Continue the Momentum - Can’t get enough of Special Olympics? Contact Special Olympics Washington and sign up here.

To order volunteer recruitment t-shirts or to schedule an employee information session with a USA Games representative, contact Karlan Jessen, Director of Volunteers,